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Welcome to Nutrition

To dive right into our menus, click the below links and see what season dishes our catering company are currently providing.


Nutrition and meal times are important in any nursery setting as they provide a framework over which to structure the day. At Garden House Nursery Schools our meal times an essential part of learning and development. Children are encouraged to serve their food, eat with a knife and fork and clear away when they have finished. This supports their developing independent skills, builds their confidence and self-esteem.

As a Nursery School we do our best to provide a wonderful environment for children, by having a lovely setting, an exciting curriculum, friendly happy team and good hearty food.


Our Food Policy fully complies with the Children’s Food Trust Standards, Caroline Walker Trust and Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition. Our lunch and supper are provided by an excellent catering company called Zebedees. They have a  baby and  Child nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed who ensures that all meals are healthy, well balanced food that fulfils all of children’s nutrient requirements. Zebedees provide freshly cooked meals packed with vegetables, various fish and meats and spices (dietary needs dependent). Above is a link to an example of the menu and ingredients your children will be having. They have red tractor farm approved quality fresh food with local and seasonal produce. All meals are made from scratch. They have a strict policy that they do not add any salt and make a conscious effort to make sure the fat and sugar levels meet the strict nutrient targets set out by the Children’s Food Trust and the Caroline Walker Trust.

Here at Garden House Nursery Schools we believe that we are in an excellent position to positively influence the health and wellbeing of the children we cater for, sending a clear message that we take good nutrition very seriously.