Garden House Nursery Schools

Reggio Emilia Inspired Philosophy

At Garden House Nursery Schools we follow the Reggio Emilia philosophy to children’s’ learning and education. This approach is embedded within our framework and allows us to address the children’s needs in more specific ways. 

So, what exactly is the Reggio Emilia philosophy?

First, It is important to realise that the Reggio Emilia philosophy is simply that – a philosophy. Education centres that are guided by it are not ‘Reggio Emilia accredited’ as there is no formal process for this. The philosophy simply guides the decisions of teachers and parents in how they approach education. To understand it better, it’s important to know the three core principles of the Reggio Emilia philosophy: the child, the environment, and the teacher/parent.

The Benefits of Reggio Emilia Inspiration

Our Philosophy